What is VAICS?

The Vermont Alliance of Independent Country Stores is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and enhance country stores, while preserving their unique heritage and contributions to their communities.

This site can help you plan your trip through Vermont, as you stop at our Independent Country Stores for food and fuel and souvenirs and conversation and new friendships. Our individual store pages tell you what products and services you can find, offer pictures of the stores along with local history background, and give links to local sites and other information.

Peacham Group Seeks Store/Cafe Operator

Peacham is one of the most photographed towns in Vermont, and we want to establish a community--‐supported café here that does it proud. In our case, community--‐supported is literal: the town donated the building for use as a café, local residents have donated much of the money needed to renovate and equip the building, and local workers have donated services from website design to construction.

Request for proposal